Biomechanical specialist

If you are a passionate or professional cyclist, you are probably always looking for ways to improve your performance on the bike. One of the best ways to do this is by consulting a biomechanical specialist.


Biomechanical Service in Valdelsa

A biomechanical specialist is a professional who is concerned with improving the posture and pedaling technique of cyclists. This type of work involves understanding how a cyclist moves and any problems they may encounter during their ride.

By using technological tools such as motion and pressure sensors, the biomechanical specialist can gather information on how a cyclist moves on their bike.

What does a biomechanic do

The biomechanical specialist can suggest changes to the riding position, pedaling technique, and bike setup.

These modifications can help reduce stress on the muscles and joints, improve pedaling efficiency, and prevent potential injuries.

The biomechanical may also offer advice on the selection of cycling shoes and accessories, as well as a proper diet to enhance a cyclist’s performance.

How I work

As a professional in biomechanics applied to cycling with three years of experience, I use simple and effective tools during biomechanical consultations to achieve the goal of improving the cyclist’s positioning.

Among the tools I use, a motion analysis software allows for personalized corrections, while a roller allows the client to pedal for more accurate dynamic and static video analysis.

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